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Something that is called a "paper piecing" refers to both a finished product as well as the process of creating with paper, cutting out shapes and putting back together. 

The process of making a "paper piecing" can be made using hand-cuttung formats or with a die cutting machine. 

"Paper Piecing" is also used in the Quilt world with applique however when we referto "paper piecing" for scrapping, carsdmaking or other paper craftys we use PAPER.


Your PAPER PIECING PATTERN and CLIP ART COMBOS with VECTOR cut files are downloadable transactions. So, there will be no charge for shipping and handling.


Any hand made item that would be required to mail out to you through the P.O. will include a shipping fee. Items that would consititute shipping fee would be, hand-made or pre-made items, prints, CD's, rubber stamps, etc. 



Since the patterns are downloadable transactions there are NO RETURNS. With other hand-made items excluding CD's RETURNS are accepted withing 10 days.

Fairy/mermaid art printables are also downloads. no returns. 

DELIVERY for patterns (how to retrieve your download):

After payment is made and clears through Paypal you will receive an ORDER CONFIRMATION email.  There you can click on your ACCOUNT and ORDER HISTORY to retrieve the download.  Click on your ORDER # until you see REFERENCE and PRODUCT. Below PRODUCT you will see a small green arrow that you will click on to download your zip file containing your product all in one folder. 

After you download, you will need to UN ZIP it and then proceed to save it in a folder onto your computer. Then you can open up the folder which contains all of your files. Each individual purchase is downloaded into ONE separate ZIP FILE. So if you purchase 5 patterns at one time you will receive 5 different zip files.

Please save the files you receive and or back up your computer so that in the case your computer crashes your files will not be lost. You have 4 days from the time of your purchase to retrieve your downloadable product. After 4 days it will not be available. So make sure within those days that you download your purchase. Each purchase is downloadable 2 (two) times in those 4 days.

HOW TO UN ZIP your file:

Each product descriptions states if it is a downloadable product. They will be sent in a ZIP file.

That means you will need to un zip it or EXTRACT the file. I send my products this way as it makes it easier and faster for you to download. Zip files compress the different files in one folder. In order to use and have access to the FILES you will need to UNZIP them.

You can do this by right clicking on the zipped folder. You will need to select "Extra all.." and then your zip file will download. You can do this in WINDOWS XP. Then you will need to go to your desktop and erase or delete the ZIP file when you have extracted the folder. Then you can save the FOLDER on your computer where it is easily accessible to you.

There is a UNZIP utility as WINZIP at or for other computers.



Once you open your SVG or other file you will be able to import the SVG into your CRICUT or other cutting machine that takes file extensions like svg, gsd, esp, jep, dxf. If you don't have a machine right now then just save it in a folder for future use. 

For Cricut you will need an additional software called SCAL - Sure Cuts A Lot that you will need to purchase in order to import these files into your cutting machine. 

For other cutting machines you will need to refer to your user manual for the software that you will use to import files.



SCAL tutorials are available upon request. 



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